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We have been urged to create this page in view of that many requests!

As a proud member of LAEXOTICA family If you have a video to share with us of your beloved as a puppy or once grown; please do not hesitate to send it to us, as in the future we are going as well to post many of them to this page

I love you Pebbles!

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EJ and "Pepe"  (one of LAEXOTICA Stud Boston Terrier)

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what temperament should be on a dog

Balki the Italian Greyhound proudly owned by the Hill family, QLD

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Hi Juan & Sylvia, Hows things going?

(Been meaning to email this for ages, but just haven't got around to it until now)
Thought you'd like to see these pictures of Vida taken on her first birthday in late Jan

Sofia made a peanut butter dog cake...smelled pretty good too!
The funniest photo is easily '08 - Cake Coma' - haha check out her eyes and face...completely stuffed!

Sofia and I were glad to see Vida does actually get full...she got about 60% through the cake...had the rest for brekkie the next day

Hope you're both doing well

Josh and Sofia

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Stella (Italian Greyhound) Proudly owned by Joe - Belmont, WA

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Benjamin Bear, proudly owned by Nicci & Andy  -  SA

I am Mariana, please click on me as it's all about me!!!

Jackson - proudly owned by Nelson & Joanne - SA

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 proudly owned by Lisa and Danny, NSW

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Brutus  -  Proudly owned by Priscilla  -  Sydney - NSW

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male 1
female 1

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Ninja - proudly owned by Chris - Sydney NSW

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My first day with daddy after being on the plane)

Louis Magoo - Proudly owned by Erika  SA
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Hi Sylvia,

It has been a while since we have communicated, but I thought I would share Frank’s progress.

He has had many travels in his year of living in Sydney. He has been on a plane to Brisbane and travelled to Noosa. He has taken car trips to Newcastle, stayed with his Uncle Phillip Hunter and causing Levi. And of course, many, many walks in the parks, swims at doggy beaches and making sure he is the local top dog (winning hearts of the neighbors in the process).

We celebrated his 1st Birthday back in June. He has grown up to be a active, happy and healthy puppy. He is such a joy to have as part of the family and loves being the centre of attention.

Unfortunately not everything has been smooth sailing. Last year when he was about 4 months old, he managed to break a few of those tiny bones in his paw. He made a speedy recovery and now bounds around with great enthusiasm.

With a few long days alone at home while I’m at work, I think it would only be fair if he had a little friend to keep him entertained, so I would like to register my interest in another puppy from a future litter. Could you please let me know if you have any coming available in the near future?

Lastly, I would like to share a video and some photos with you. The video is a compilation of photos and some videos from Franks first year.

Attached are a couple of photos of Frank and Levi (courtesy of Phil Hunter)

I hope you enjoy the video, and lets keep in touch on the next litter.


Frank's First year -  please open an enjoy his video!

Ashley -  Sydney, NSW


Sylvia and Juan Gutierrez

Ph:   0421077071

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