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Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole

Dogs just have a way of making us smile & that's good stuff.

Hope you enjoy the following collection of photos as much as we have when taking them!

Gabriel Jose Maria IV  -  LAEXOTICA's 4th generation of dog breeders

Me & Pebbles

Me & my puppy 

My dogs


Bear & Pebbles

Bear, my sister and me!

My sister Stephanie and Bear

we, we, we!!!

    Our little darling;  Nina!      

















True Blues  =  dark blue and light blue


too good to be true!!!

  Our future champion 
 the day he was born   





Me & you / you & me!


Bulldog fun day

with Aunty Lara (American Staffordshire Terrier)






Fiorella & Nickita
sorting out who's  turn is to sleep in bed tonight.....


Andy and Monique, always good fun to watch these two

"EJ and Pepe"

Hey, hey hey!  we are the ones my friend.......

a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog

Hi this is me Pepe and my friend Milli

Here I go.................

Please do not disturb......

pure magic!!!

me, me, me .................................

dressed and ready!

Hi there!    greetings from Monique Francine

a quiet morning at my office with "some" of our pets!

Are you listening to what I've just said?

hey; wait for me......

do you love my body, do you think I am sexy.....

Los tres Amigos.....

Puppies time!

there is something about Leo.....

thoughtful Andy!


can I please?, please, please???
Love ya!



The beauty of love?

Can I get you something?

Oh what a life!

just about to be heading to the pool!

my first time at the beach......

got ya!!!

hey!  my turn now...

Did you mean bath time?

I'am Fracky and I'm the eldest of all at LAEXOTICA

the airplane, the airplane, the airplane!!!

Gorgeous day; Gorgeous me!

simply irresistible?

Loving it!

Frenchie and the Terrors (English Toy Terrier, Boston Terrier and Tenterfield Terrier)

big day out!

Elegance at its best

3 generations of brave men.........


we reckon we've just managed to fit for the shot!

Monique's play time

Oh - happy days....  .......

My sister & me share a black mum and a blue dad; pretty obvious eh?

Ja, Ja, Ja;  I got it!

Danubia ready for the morning shift!

here I am, the one that you love.....

We are the champions my friend..... we are the champs!

good mates!

tell me all about it mum!

The Latin beat flows in Andy and Iris for sure.....

pretty good eh?

Pizqui; the lion!

bedtime story......

dancing with the stars!

Meet China, member of our welcoming committee upon arrival


let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and a thing called love!

The French connection....

Fun day!

love my bed!


home; sweet home!

love her; she is so sweet!


A Family photo; just for you!


Mogwai, promise me you will keep in touch...............
Gitana, are you going to miss me?




MOGWAI and friends, the day before leaving LAEXOTICA

at his farewell party!



Ciccio on his first dating................


Black Beauty!


it's all about me, me, me.......

That's the way I like it!

sleeping in confort!

I was told to wait,

and I am still waiting; who knows for what???

The leader of the pack

getting ready for pics...

Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!!!

pick up the phone, pick up the phone, pick up the phone, NOW!


Pilly & Milly @ 3 months; every bodies dream!



Who is it?

At LAEXOTICA we really look forward to our roaming time; it's just cool

Bailey ready for action!


Jessie in action..................


leaving on a jet plain, don't know when I'll be back again.............

Can I have some more please; pleeaasssse....

Those happy days......

We with auntie Lara; She is so cool!!!

nite, nite....


Family day at the park

Do I look pretty?

Me, Hunta: Helping with the house-cores today!

Maybel out and about!

Best mates; Tommy (IGY) and Tiny!


two basic principles of life if honesty prevails;

 love each other, make eye contact (even animals do; why not humans?)

Bruce Wayne is now the Batman. Lol Happy Halloween Sylvia.

both gorgeous girls!

Thoughtful Iris!

Handsome LAEXOTICA Jack stills finds it hard to grasp the fact that little LAEXOTICA Roxy "is always right......"

Angus summer days in the pool

when Andy drives you better watch out!


Bruce in America!


Sylvia and Juan Gutierrez

Ph:   0421077071

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